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Winning with InsurTech

MondCloud - winners of Judge's All Around Favorite


Thursday, August 31, 2017 was a night full of great people, snacks, drinks, and InsurTech. People packed the house at Upward Hartford. Aquiline Venture Partners sponsored the night and insurance-executive-gone-VC Mike Kalen. Mike spoke about the importance of having advisors helping from early stages. Audience members were captivated by his level of knowledge and expertise. One comment resonated particularly well with Avdhesh Saxena (founder of Friendly Agent Bot, a Hartford-based chatbot startup), "You have a business when you have your 2nd paying customer."


During the night, hostess Gwendolyn Hahn (a.k.a. Heidi Klum - ha!) took us through 6 InsurTech startups (information about each startup below). At the end both the judges and the audience picked their favorites across several categories. Here were the results:


Judge's All Around Favorite: MondCloud

Audience Favorite: Hi, Marley!
Highest Potential: Hi, Marley! & Ronoco
Most Innovative: Hi, Marley! & Insurance Agent Mobile App
Most Disruptive: Hi, Marley! & Ronoco
Best Problem/Solution Fit: Ronoco


The judges for the night did an outstanding job. They paid close attention to all the details, engaging the entrepreneurs in dialogue intending to help them think deeper into their business model. Thank you to the judges:

Mike Kalen - Aquiline Capital Partners (the event sponsor)

Chris Zock - Sandbox Industries

Paul Tyler - Chief Marketing Officer, Phoenix/Nassau Re


If you want to see more pictures, go check them out on


MondCloud is a cloud-based data services platform with many capabilities. They offer ESB, API, Dashboard, and ETL capabilities for companies with large, disparate datasets. Their unique approach helps companies aggregate and deliver information in a fraction of the time of traditional ETL and dashboarding technologies.

Learn more at


Congratulations to MondCloud for winning the Judges' All Around Favorite award


Hi, Marley!

Hi, Marley uses digital technologies such as chat and mobile to help improve the claims experience. Motivated by his own personal claim experience as an insured, Mike Greene started Hi, Marley to improve the claims experience.

Learn more at


Congratulations to Hi, Marley for winning 4 awards: Audience Favorite, Highest Potential, Most Innovative, and Most Disruptive

Go Insurance Agent Mobile App

Go Insurance Agent helps agencies engage & contain clients via a mobile app platform. Staying connected with clients is the key to good service, and founder Matt Aaron looks to help.

Learn more at


Congratulations to Go Insurance Agent Mobile App for winning the audience's Most Innovative award.



Ronoco seeks to be your insurance sidekick. Ronoco allows users to scan policy docs into an electronic file. In addition, once the information is in the file, users can seek quotes with ease.

Learn more at


Congratulations to Ronoco for winning 3 audience awards: Best Problem/Solution Fit, Highest Potential and Ronoco.


Triplepoint offers a low-cost option for agents to go to market online. The platform creates low barriers to entry by requiring no coding and keeping costs down. Founder Urijah Kaplan says the business plan looks for high-volume, low-cost over high-cost, low-volume.


Learn more at



Crowdsourcia seeks to improve the collaboration process insurers, brokers, and clients undertake when working to insure complex risks. Commercial insurance has many complexities and for complex risks, the underwriting is very bespoke, requiring many handoffs and point-to-point communications.


In all, it was a very successful night. Everyone left with more information and contacts than they walked in with, and therefore, everyone was a winner for supporting InsurTech.


Want to see pics? Check out these pics on

Check out the award certificates!














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