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InsurTech Blockchain Day

 There is growing recognition of the potential to deploy Blockchain capabilities in the insurance industry for everything from improved contract creation to more secure claims processing. Blockchain also is viewed as a potential enabler of dynamic new business models such as peer-to-peer insurance. However, there’s a critical need for effective use cases and proofs-of-concept, as well as development of skilled Blockchain application development professionals, in order for this innovative technology to take off in the insurance industry. Participants in this complimentary event will hear from Blockchain gurus Rajeev Sakhuja, Head of Insurance Innovation Evangelize Group, North America at TCS, Arunashish Majumdar, Innovation and Transformation Leader at TCS, about the business case for Blockchain in insurance. In the afternoon, the TCS team will run an intensive development workshop designed to provide training and hands-on experience in developing insurance-specific applications.


Who Should Attend

Insurance professionals with a focus on digital channels and transactions; practicing technologists and architects from the insurance industry; start-ups/insurtech firms; students with programming skills. The morning session is open to anyone with an interest in learning more about Blockchain for Insurance. The afternoon session is hands-on technical, so please note the qualifications required below if planning to join after lunch.

Note: Each session (Overview & Hands-On) requires separate registration. You are welcome to register for both but must do so as separate registrations.

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Session I - Blockchain Overview

8:30 AM   Registration begins

9:00 AM   Welcome & Introductions

9:15 AM   The Blockchain Revolution: A Business Perspective

How is Blockchain technology being adopted across multiple industries to create new business models, provide internal efficiencies, and address security concerns? Gain a cross-industry perspective on Blockchain successes and best practices, with insights for both business and technology professionals.


9:45 AM   An Insurance Industry Perspective on Blockchain

The structure and complexity of the insurance industry presents unique opportunities – and challenges – when it comes to leveraging Blockchain technology. We will drill deeper into the use of Blockchain technology to create insurance applications, starting with a historical perspective and leading to demonstration of a Blockchain-based Insurance decentralized application.


10:45 AM   Networking Break

11:00 AM   Technology Perspective: Making Blockchain Real in Insurance

So what exactly goes into deploying Blockchain in insurance? This session will provide attendees with a real understanding of Blockchain technology itself, including an introduction to Ethereum (an open-source, public, Blockchain-based distributed computing platform) Blockchain technology. Experience a demo showing crypto transfer and contracts – and test out the demo on your own computer.

11:45 AM   Lunch

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Session II - Blockchain Development Hands-On Workshop

12:00 PM   Registration begins

12:30 PM   Blockchain Development Tools: Developing DAPPs

The DAPP (Developing Application) concept is critical to building Blockchain-based applications in insurance. Learn about the tools for developing Ethereum Decentralized Applications, and try them out along with the presenter. An introductory course in the Solidity language will give attendees a taste of smart contracts development.

Please Note: Attendance is limited to a maximum of 30 participants. Session is suitable for hands-on technologists only. Experience with at least one programming language is required. Attendees must have the prerequisite software installed/working on their laptops before the session.


2:15 PM   Networking Break

2:30 PM   Roll Up Your Sleeves: Contract Development Lab

This hands-on Lab will give participants an opportunity to work with the experts on developing a simple contract that they will deploy on the public Ethereum Test-Net. Successful completion of the exercise will provide a comfort level with the critical tools and prepare participants to learn more about Blockchain technology and how it can be deployed in the insurance industry.


3:45 PM   Workshop Wrap up


Prerequisites for Hands-on Development Workshop

The afternoon session is limited to a maximum of 30 participants. Please note the following prerequisites for attending this workshop:

  • Participants must be technology practitioners or students

  • Must have their own computer (MAC/PC/Linux all are fine)

  • Must be able to download/install open source software (may require admin access)

  • Must have experience with 1 or more programming languages

  • Must be prepared to spend at least 8 - 10 hours on workshop prep activities:

    • Installation of software

    • Downloading of code samples from GitHub


1. As seating is limited and we expect high demand for this awesome opportunity, please do not register for the afternoon session if you do not meet these qualifications.
2. Confirmed workshop participants will receive information on pre-workshop prep tasks.

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