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Digital Health - InsurTech with Benefits



When we set out to do an event focused on healthcare and insurtech, we had no idea what the result would be. Thanks to a very talented cast of experts, we had a very interesting and engaging night.


Aimee Sziklai, Vice President, Health Business Unit Leader at Capgemini started things off. She went deep into what the data is telling us about the opioid epidemic. Here are some facts:

- The total economic burden of prescription opioid misuse in the United States is $78.5B annually

- People with anxiety and depression consume more than 50% of the most powerful painkillers

- Healthcare data increases 48% each year


Bill Roberts, Health Care and Privacy Partner at Shipman & Goodwin, spoke about the foundational elements of success for an InsurTech startup. Bill spoke of the importance of anticipating and addressing customer concerns and the need for "Compliance by design." Bill cautions startups about going too far down a path without investigating the "alphabet soup of regulations" that exist in the industry.


Ari Yacobi, Chief Data Scientist at Knowledgent spoke about how the Internet of Things will produce immense amounts of data with the potential to inform clinical decision-making. Ari shared examples of companies producing actionable intelligence in healthcare, such as Abilify MyCite and Roche Diagnostics. Ari graphically depicted the future of healthcare as IoT, Cognitive Computing, and Blockchain.

Dina Belyayeva was the moderator of an engaging Q&A panel in which each of the speakers, joined also by Matt Arellano of Knowledgent, were asked many questions by the audience.


After a brief introduction from Gwen Hanh of Knowledgent, we also heard about Boundlss from Shona Cotterill. Boundlss is from Australia and is currently in Hartford as a member of the Startupbootcamp InsurTech Accelerator's first cohort group. Boundlss is an AI-based bot that helps keep people on target with their fitness goals. Shona drew a huge round of applause at the end of her informational and entertaining presentation.


A panel with James Cardon (Executive Vice President & Chief Clinical Integration Officer at Hartford Healthcare), Puneet Budhiraja (Chief Actuary at CDPHP), and Ryan Keating (Risk Manager at Keating Agency) capped the night off with an engaging discussion panel. After Sandeep Anand (Insurance Trnsformation & InsurTech Mentor) asked a number of questions, the audience piled on with more questions.


Thanks to our event sponsors for all the support





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